new minicomic– “mailbox” is now in print

It’s a proud moment.  Announcing the first new Kekionga minicomic since the foundation of mailbox.

mailbox is an eight page short story about what happens to a community, and to a person, when the Postal Service takes away that big blue box that’s been standing on the street corner longer than any of us can remember.  With Anpu, the retired god, rookie superhero Jack Swann, and Iowa Ginsberg, a lady and a scholar.  Romance, nostalgia, and fortitude, on one sheet of folded paper.

Here’s the cover. Please note that I scanned a house copy, so designated because one of the staples is off center.  Your copy, ordered through the price list above, will be stapled properly.  I promise.

the cover of the minicomic called "mailbox"

The cover of “mailbox”, a one sheet minicomic
original art: assorted pens, brushes and markers over pencil, then scanned, color decreased to one bit, and laser printed on speckled paper.
“It’s a cold January morning and ANPU is standing on the CORNER where the MAILBOX used to be.”
© 2012 Pam Bliss

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