minicomics live– day 2, post 2

11:11 am: All the lettering is done.  Yes, I do letter by hand, in ink, with a pen.  Hand lettering is not a lost art!  For what it’s worth, I think hand lettering, done on the page alongside the drawings, with the same tools and the same ink, gives a page an organic look that can’t be matched by computer lettering and digitally perfect balloons added after the fact.  Of course my lettering is far from perfect (“readable” is about the best you can say for it), but then my drawing is not any better, so it all works fine.  Your mileage, of course, may vary.

For speed, I am lettering this comic with my regular drawing pens rather than my specialized lettering pens, which gives the letters a lighter, even less formal look than my usual style.  (Not that my stuff ever looks formal.)  I think the results look pretty darn good in this story.  The balloons are more problematic and will need a lot of corrections.  But this is hardly unusual.

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