minicomics live– day 2, post 3

12:42 pm:  Deep, deep, into the inking now.  I have ink on the art on four of the eight pages, and I am starting to bring some of them up.  And, of course, there are problems.  First, I picked the wrong tools for this story.  I assumed I would use a brush for all the thick linework, and keep the pens for lettering and detailing.  This plan did not survive contact with the Piggy, who sort of demands to be inked with a thick line of uniform weight, like you get from a very big fountain pen, like my BB nib lettering pen, or even a big Sharpie.  I’m not sure I have a Sharpie with a tip that is just the right amount of wear on it to get the line weight I want, so I am off to fill up the BB lettering pen.

I am also thinking a lot about Iowa’s fairy tale costume.  I know I am going to want to shade parts of it, almost certainly the skirt, and possibly the vest and the stockings as well.  The skirt will probably end up a solid black, and the rest of it hatched with the little EF pen in various ways.  I would love to tone the hat as well, but it has so many complicated details that have to be inked already that adding a tone would make it look muddy.  (Unless I chose a very tiny, very fine stipple, but that would take hours.)

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