my long, strange relationship, part 2

(Written yesterday, mostly.  And typed without the use of my left index finger, which was damaged in a bizarre gardening bread slicing accident.)

One of my life’s little victory points has been scored.  I have seen A Prairie Home Companion live.  And it was good.  When?  Yesterday.  Where?  Ravinia.  With? Good Friends.  Plus?  There was Chinese food. And gelato.

And of course the notebook was there, also live.

  • So many white people!  If you want to see middle aged white people in short pants, we have a nice selection.  (In the interest of honesty, this includes me.)
  • Also, so many floral prints.
  • I doubt you’d hit many Republicans if you threw a handful of gravel, either.
  • For the warmup the band played, and then Garrison did a walkaround singalong. (My Girl, the Battle Hymn of the Republic, Oh, What a Beautiful Morning, When I Saw Her Standing There, America the Beautiful, You Are My Sunshine.)  The audience described in point one knows all the words to these songs.
  • There’s a certain charm in hearing the so-familiar opening notes coming from an actual piano.  Makes me want to do dishes or sort files on my computer.

    “prop on stage–A Prairie Home Companion 6/23/12”
    ballpoint pen in notebook
    © 2012 Pam Bliss

  • I was a surprised that there was a small set: a farmhouse front with a window box and an American flag flying over the front porch, and a prop of a street sign.
  • It was a good show: red hot horns with the band, and great jazz harmonica with Howard Levy.  Jack Zimmerman told a story about a trombone, a beautiful girl, and a Karmann Ghia.  There were two wonderful sound effect sequences, and I got to see the guy make that loon sound I’ve always been curious about.  The sound effects are even better in person.
  • Is the reason the corniness works is that it’s sincere?  Is that my solution to everything?
  • As twilight falls, the light goes on over the porch on the prop house.
  • The first cicadas of the year sound off during Garrison’s monologue.  (If I made something like that up, people would say I was corny.)
  • Garrison steps over his microphone cord like an old corgi steps over his leash.

It was a great day, and great fun.  Remind me not to sit next to B next time, since he apparently can read my handwriting and was snickering over my notes as I wrote them. (No one else I know can do this.)  M, thank you very much for inviting me.  And more special thanks to everyone at Jade, to the people at Frost gelato who gave us about a thousand little sample spoons of all the flavors, and to all the cool people who let me pet their dogs.

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One Response to my long, strange relationship, part 2

  1. Tom Cherry says:

    Glad to hear you had a great time at APHC! I got a chance to see the show many moons ago and I would love to go again before Mr. Keillor finally calls it quits.

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