mechanical odometer day

It’s my husband’s bad weather daily driver, and our shopping car. It may not be the coolest car in the world.  It isn’t very fast, or even particularly fuel efficient.

1996 Geo Prizm
©2012 Pam Bliss

The passenger seat gives me a backache on long trips, and it smells like old dust and wet dog.  It hasn’t seen the inside of a garage since we bought it from my parents in 1998 (?), and since I learned to drive and claimed the end of the driveway for my Buick, it gets parked on the street year round.  It’s been wrecked twice; it’s been keyed; it has manual locks and crank down windows.   But it runs and it’s paid for and it has a mechanical odometer.

That means that on one day, out of all the many, many days this car has been driven, and all the many days it has left to run, it will dothis.

All the way home from the grocery store we were watching it, hoping it would hold until we got home and I could run in and get the camera.

Happy Mechanical Odometer Day, everyone.

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2 Responses to mechanical odometer day

  1. Wolfie says:

    Many moons ago, I owned a black 1984 LeBaron. It was a terrible car mechanically, but it had comfy leather seats and low miles when I bought it. When I sold it to a dealership a few years later, I took it for a couple of spins around the block and then brought it in. When the form asked me for the odometer reading, I was able to write in 00001.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Ah, a whiff of nostalgia for the days when odometers “turned over” at 100,000 miles. Manufacturers just didn’t have a lot of faith in their products way back when. Now a car with more than 100 K is more the rule than the exception. The Prizm will probably go to 200 K assuming it doesn’t get wrecked again.

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