best of the drawing of the day– week 13

July 11th, 2012
“a saint”
brush pen, big yellow Pelikan pen, EF Rotring pen over pencil
©2012 Pam Bliss

Now that’s more like it when it comes to the spirals.  If you’ve read yesterday’s post (and if you haven’t, scroll down; we’ll wait for you), you’ll recall that I was struggling with a new way to draw spirals for my new minicomic “Tea”.  Right after I finished writing that post I had a little brainstorm and came up with a way to practice the kind of spirals I was looking for without overpracticing the other ideas involved in the new story.

I flashed on my little Eastern European scientist character in his waistcoat and cravat, and pictured him as an angel in a kind of silly icon, rising from clouds I could stylize with the new spirals.  This drawing is the result.  The wings were originally going to be little cartoony things, but as they became larger and more elaborate, the whole drawing got somewhat more serious.

This could be an actual icon from somewhere in the Knotted Rope universe, where “saint” is sort of a generic word for any godling, demigod, cultural hero, or  similar figure who is asked for help or offered reverence, but who is not a full fledged god.    I don’t know what kind of a saint he is, but it’s telling that instead of holding his hands in prayer or offering a “namaste” in greeting, he seems to be drumming his fingers together in deep thought, or perhaps impatience.

I made the spirals in two steps, making a slow brush stroke for the outside line, then finishing the inner lines with the big fountain pen.  Several of the spirals are “trailed off” with the little pen as well.  I’m still experimenting.

The contrasting wings are the result of an accident (or a mistake).  While I was inking I failed to “work to my page” and let one wing get darker then the other.  Rather than cussing and breaking out the whiteout,  I pumped up the difference instead, adding lots more ink to the already darker side and giving the saint one dark wing and one pale one, which no doubt is symbolic of some trait in his character or some event in his story.  I was going to correct the dark tip on the one stray feather on the light side, but once I saw the drawing without the pencil, I decided not to.  There’s such a thing as too much symbolism.

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