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Tumblr Sunday is a new regular feature here at kekiongacomics.com.  Every Sunday I’ll post a new find from my tumblr picture file, The Coelacanth Gallery.  If you’re intrigued, visit the Gallery any time for lots more cool stuff to look at and think about.  (Like a lot of picture blogs, it’s designed to be viewed as a collection; just click on “archive” for the full view, then click on any image that interests you to see a larger version.

“Just Think! …”
from John Martin’s Annual, 1917
via tumblr

I reblogged this for the lettering.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.  But once you read it, you can’t help considering its points. Just think! His wings could be used as church windows!  Church windows?  Why church windows?  I suppose because church windows are fairly large, and the veining of the wings might remind you of the leading in stained glass?  And then of course there’s the whole easily swallowing a cat thing.  Maybe, on further reflection,  I’d prefer not to think about this.

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