“time and money”: a new minicomic–read it here!

If you were here last month for minicomics live,  you watched me make an entire eight page minicomic called Time and Money.  It went from idea to mostly finished pages in two days, live here on kekiongacomics. com.  (If you weren’t, or want to review what happened, just click on “minicomics live” in the category column in the sidebar and all the posts will appear.) It  is now finished and ready to go to press, except for one bit of typesetting, and here is your chance to read it before anybody else does:

All images © 2012 Pam Bliss. Please be patient with the formatting; this is the first time I have tried to make a post with an active gallery.  (And it took a while to figure out.)  But hey, it works.  Click on the first image, then use the arrows to page through the story to read it in order.  Then click on the little x in a circle to close the gallery and get back here, to me blathering on.

If you read the “minicomics live” posts, you can follow these pages from little scribbles through pencils and inks to these finished images.  You will see that I tried not to overcorrect– there are a lot of things that I might have changed in these drawings purely to make them better drawings, but I didn’t in order to preserve the freshness and immediacy of a comic that only took about 18 hours to make.  I only corrected the most awful howling errors (the ones I could find)  and added a few bits of toning that made the story clearer.  Making changes in the interest of the story is never wrong in my book.

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One Response to “time and money”: a new minicomic–read it here!

  1. Wolfie says:

    The finished product looks fantastic!

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