best of the drawing of the day– week 14

July 16th, 2012
Pretty Good Dragons #45
Brush pen and EF Rotring pen over pencil
©2012 Pam Bliss

Child: Mama says he’s a “Heavenly Horned Horse”, but I know he’s a Chinese Fireball, like in Harry Potter.  Anyway, his name is General Tso, and he’s older than my grandpa, and we love him.”

I love the idea of a dragon being a beloved pet for generations of the same family.  General Tso probably help bring up this little kid’s grandfather, and he looks like he’s still going strong.  He’s a pretty good dragon.

I’m not sure, on further reflection, that it shouldn’t be “Horned Heavenly Horse”, and I may change it when I put it in the minicomic.  Yes, while I don’t really have 45 “Pretty Good Dragons” cartoons (I started with a high number just because it seemed funny that there would be a whole series of them) , I was pleased to find when I counted them that I have almost enough to do a “Pretty Good Dragons” minicomic.  I wrote the two more I needed to fill up the pages, and now that’s on the drawing board, too.

The idea behind the series is to draw people with these wildly fantastic dragons, and give them lines based on the inane but good hearted things that dog people say about their dogs.  If you detect the voice of experience here you would be perfectly right: I am second to none in my ability to blather on and on about my corgis.

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3 Responses to best of the drawing of the day– week 14

  1. Tom Cherry says:

    I enjoy General Tso’s chicken. Wish I had some right now!

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    It’s my husband’s favorite, too. I wonder who General Tso was? Anyway, it seemed like the kind of name someone would give a sort-of Chinese looking dragon.

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