tools for making minicomics– a gallery

When you’re learning to do something new, like making gallery posts, it’s a good idea to reinforce what you’ve learned by doing it again while the memory of learning it is still fresh in your mind.

So to close out a week of posts about minicomics, here is a gallery of photographs of some of the tools I use for making them.  Note that I’m leaving out the pencils and erasers, pens and ink, paper and rulers that go into the original art; you’ve seen those before.  This is the heavy equipment, the stuff that turns the arsty-fartsy domain of the studio into a unit of serious production.  Actually, while this gear lives in the studio, it usually gets used in the kitchen.  There’s more room to move around in there, and the countertops and the smooth surface stove top are exactly the right height for setting up staplers and other serious tools.

all images are ©2012 Pam Bliss

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