best of the drawing of the day: week 15

Sorry this is so late, but I was at the fair again.  Yes, I got my second quart of root beer, and a large walking taco to go with it, and I got to watch a thunderstorm race across the midway at dusk, which is a Midwestern sight worth seeing.

And, as always, I got to come home to the drawing of the day.

July 18th, 2012
Bat Wings and Goat Pants
EF Rotring pen over pencil
©2012 Pam Bliss

There’s a happy little demon, or (perhaps more likely), a happy little person who looks a bit like a demon.  A real demon would almost certainly have a tail, and probably a less innocent expression.  From my point of view I was just experimenting with a new way of drawing batlike wings, with the “bones of the hand” structure of the wing framework modified to look more like the anatomy of a human hand.  This is worth pursuing.

Otherwise, I was also trying to contrast the smoothness of his skin and the light, almost fluffy texture of his hair, with the coarseness of the goat hide pants.  In theory, there should be no limit to the number of textures you can find in a basic tool like a fountain pen with a small, inflexible nib– it’s the equivalent of the dip pen world’s  basic crowquill point.  I’m certainly always finding new ones, but it takes an effort not to fall back on a few favorites in every drawing.

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