yikes! feral stripes!

Or, more properly, primitive markings in equines.  I’m a sucker for them and love to draw them– adding feral striping to horses gives them a striking, powerful look, and the same patterns look vividly “natural” on a variety of imaginary hoofed animals. In the real world, these markings may be left over from the most ancient members of the horse family, and can be found today in primitive horses like the taki of Mongolia, as well is in many donkeys and mules, and all dun colored horses.  At the fair this week I met a small grey dun mule who displayed three of the major primitive markings in a very striking way:

the dorsal stripe, or eel stripe,

leg bars, also called

zebra markings,

and white guard hairs on the mane and tail.                                                                                                                                    (all images (c) 2012 Pam Bliss)



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