tumblr sunday on saturday

Some day’s plans don’t work … as planned.  I had a movie review thing half finished, and an idea for a photography thing, but all of that is on my desktop computer and therefore got sidelined by a thunderstorm.  No harm done, I think, and I’ll post it all, eventually.  In the meantime, have some Raymond Loewy:

original design sketch for the Studebaker Avanti coupe
Raymond Loewy
via tumblr

This is awesome for a number of reasons.  It’s an original drawing by Raymond Loewy.  It’s a rear three quarter view of the Studebaker Avanti, which is definitely its best side.  (Love that fenderline!)  It’s a drawing on midtone paper, with the darks and lights both added in what looks like pencil.  That’s a lovely technique in the hands of a master draftsman, which Loewy certainly was.  It’s an artifact of the time when major industrial designs were worked up by hand by actual artists actually drawing on actual paper.

And it’s proof, if anyone needs it, that the idea that stuffing great big wheels into wheel wells that will barely hold them looks really cool is much a much older idea than most people think.

(To see more of the stuff I’m looking at, please visit the Coelacanth Gallery, my tumblr picture file.)

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