a stack of things on my drafting stool

For me, getting ready for something means piling up all the necessary things.  Just for fun, here is the first of the pre-SPX major piles.  It’s more of a stack, really.

Stack one, noon 8/5/12

In this stack are:

  • Sixteen of the eighteen drawing of the day sketchbooks, all marked up from the big Dragon Hunt.  Number seventeen is on the drawing table, being used as a reference, and number eighteen is sitting open to yesterday’s drawing on the coffee table in the living room.
  • Two reams of paper for printing minicomics, which I bought yesterday at one of the big box office stores. (The paper selection was very poor, and I will have to buy the rest on line.) One is Xerox lilac, which I like better than any other lavender for its subtle greyish tone, and the other is Astrobrite Solar Yellow, which is one of the great minicomics papers.  This photo illustrates the fairly dramatic difference in thickness between two weights of paper.  The lilac is regular 20 pound printer paper weight, and the yellow, like all Wausau premium papers, is 24 pound.
  • A pair of black pebbled leather 8 eyelet Doc Marten boots.  Hey, they were seconds.  It’s a discontinued style.  There was only one pair left at the bargain store. They were my size.  It was fate. They’re really cute.  What can I say?

This stack will have to be dismantled later today so I can get back to drawing, or there won’t be any comics to print on all that nice new paper.

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