the dragon project progresses

This is how I am starting to feel about my Dragon (sketchbook collection) Project:

Dragon building in Wat Samphran, Thailand
photo by Jorge Macedo
via tumblr

It is taking over all my thinky bits. Seriously, I so want to live in that little structure with the gilded gables on the roof of this building.  I could put my drawing table in the gazebo under the dome to catch the fresh air.

For the sake of making some kind of practical progress, I am glad I’m in the inking phase on my “Pretty Good Dragons” minicomic (weird coincidence, or what?) , so I can keep working while still dedicating some spare brain space to planning this sketchbook collection and coming up with a name for it.  Whatever I call it, I think it will include two short “mini essays”, perhaps a thousand words total, as well as at least 50, if not more, of my dragon drawings, some reproduced as single pages almost full sized, and some reduced and made into collages.

SPX is going to be sort of dragony this year, with this new collection and two minicomics with dragons in them. But hey, it’s the Chinese Year of the Dragon.  Not that I actually thought of that before right this second.

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2 Responses to the dragon project progresses

  1. That is one incredibly cool building… I’d definitely want to live on the roof too! Great Post!

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Thanks, Martin. I couldn’t believe it when that image turned up on my tumblr dash. I never knew that anything like that really existed. Kudos to the sculptor, or architect, or whatever you call someone who makes that kind of work on that scale.

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