new business cards are here!

I know.  They’re just business cards, and not even the fancy letterpress kind on lovely thick chunky rag paper.  No, these are the kind you order on line from Staples Copy and Print with your deep discount coupon.  Not really something to get too excited about.

Of course, my information does not exactly fit into the ten thousand tiny fields on Staples’ templates of what I guess are standard corporate business cards.  So I ended up reducing and enlarging and moving the text all around, and pretty much designing the whole thing from scratch.  Plus the art was uploaded from a scan of the original drawing for my rubber stamp chop.  The result feels a lot more personal than I expected.

my new business card
(Al Stewart and Lawrence Juber not included)

I was looking for an amusing way to get a straight scan of a small piece of paper, and for some reason I started fiddling with a CD out of the pile beside my desk.  So that’s my business card stuck into the jewel case of one of my favorite albums and popped onto the scanner.  I love scanning real, three dimensional things.

For music lovers, that’s Between the Wars by Al Stewart and Lawrence Juber, a great collection of catchy jazz-pop songs about historical subjects from the 1920s and 30s.  For younger music lovers, that’s a box for a thing called a CD (short for compact disc), which is a round bit of flat plastic that old people like. It holds a selection of digital songs which sound much better when played on a thing called a stereo than the version you just downloaded off the internet.  It’s a terrific album, though, and highly recommended in any format.

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