best of the drawing of the day–week 17

August 6th, 2012
friends and/or family
Lamy AL-Star EF fountain pen and Sharpie pen over pencil
©2012 Pam Bliss

Why don’t I use this pen all the time?  I don’t know.  Because force of habit ties me to the little Rotrings, which wear perfectly smooth as the years go by?  To go from something like a well worn Rotring to this Lamy, which, like all Lamys with small nib sizes, is great to hold but a little rough in the nib department until it breaks in, is like going from a Buick to a Jeep.  Both will get you there, but the first is way more comfortable.

The problem comes when the Buick breaks down.  I have a feeling that the comfortable old Rotring that I chose specifically for the drawing of the day project when I first started it back in 2009 may finally have come to the end of the trail.  I started a new one, but the new nibs are so small compared to the old ones that this Lamy, which I bought a few years ago but never quite got used to, is a better match for the original. I know it will be a good pen, if I take the time to break it in.

So let’s start with this little group of manitou, illustrating some of the other kinds of intelligent people in the Knotted Rope.  Just because everyone in your timeline, and mine, happens to be a baseline human … In other places you might find a naga, a chimera, and an Easterner (which is a polite way of saying “surviving Homo erectus”) all being best of friends, or even as members of the same rather unusual extended family.

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