best of the drawing of the day week 18: stripey centaur

One of the things I sometimes do with the drawing of the day is explore ideas suggested by a random image that catches my eye.  And, in a possible feedback loop or circular argument or some such thing, one of the ways for a random image to catch my eye is to remind me in some way of my own drawings.  (Yes, I am just that much of an egomaniac.)

centaur illumination from a Book of Hours
Bourges, late 15th Century
via tumblr

When I saw this centaur from a Medieval manuscript wearing what looks for all the world like a striped turtleneck sweater, it reminded me instantly of the kind of thing I would draw a centaur wearing.  I was also intrigued by his unhorselike lower body– my guess is that this character is part some kind of deer.

August 10th, 2012
stripey centaur
based on a Medieval illumination
EF Lamy pen over pencil
©2012 Pam Bliss

I think my deerlike creature ended up looking more like a small humpless camel!  But I tried to keep the shape of his features and the texture of his hair the same, and of course the costume was fairly easy to copy.  I did add a hint of the ears, since I was sure that this kind of centaur would have deer/camel ears that would stick out through his hair.

If I decide to make another version of this drawing, I will definitely turn the paper sideways and try to capture of version of the original pose of the lower body, which is much fresher and more interesting than my version.

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