tumblr sunday 6

Mood permitting, this is my favorite of all the pictures I’ve found on tumblr so far:

“the aftermath of the Ganpati festival”
via tumblr

The only information I found with the image is quoted in the caption above, but a little research has taught me that Ganpati is one of the names of Ganesh.  Every year, devotees make special images of him out of unfired clay and plaster of Paris for his birthday festival, and when the festival is over they are left on riverbanks to disintegrate and return to the earth.   I’m assuming that’s what’s happening here.

I love this photo for its contrasts: between the bright colors of the image of Ganesh and the natural colors of the sand and the river, between the complex forms of the human made art and the deceptively simple arcs the water has left on the sand, and between the implied feelings (grief, time passing, the ephemeral quality of created beauty) roused by the idea of a discarded statue and the serene view of riverbank nature.

Oh, don’t listen to me blather on.  Just look at the photograph; it’s a much better use of your time.  If you want to look at more of the things I’m looking at, visit the Coelacanth Gallery here.

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