tumblr sunday 7/ neil armstrong

I have no idea if this is Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the Moon, but maybe that doesn’t really matter.  I picked this image to remember him by, out of all the ones my tumblr dashboard offered me, because the things I most admired about Neil Armstrong were his humility and his stubborn refusal to become a celebrity when he could have been one of the biggest.  He did his job and then moved on.  Was he wise, knowing very well that he was just a cog in the machine and that if he hadn’t been available any of dozen other people would have gone in his place?  Or was he simply prudent, remembering what happened to Charles Lindbergh, the fellow flyer who became the first 20th Century celebrity?  Either way, Armstrong was a class act all the way around.  And he was the first person to walk on the Moon.

I was going to leave you there, pointing out that if you go to my tumblr, you can also see a photo of Neil Armstrong with some big pizzas.  But then this image turned up this evening:The story is that Herge sent this cartoon to Armstrong as a gift to commemorate his real life version of Tintin’s fictional adventure.  Whether that’s true or not, it’s a lovely drawing, and it’s always great to see Snowy in his little doggie spacesuit.

(Tintin belongs to Herge. all images via tumblr)

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