new notebook day

I’ve known this day was coming for a while, but it still came as a mild shock.  I’ve filled all but two pages of my first Moleskine notebook, and two pages is not enough blank paper to carry with you when you leave the house, even if it’s just for lunch and errands.  So it’s time to start a new notebook.  In the photo above, the old notebook is on the top, worn, curling, stained with ballpoint ink and coffee and whatever it is that accumulates inside your shirt pockets, and the new on is on the bottom, pristine, its elastic band still flat, in its plastic wrapper.   The old one still looks pretty good, after being carried around for almost two years.  Those Moleskines are tough.

This is the last drawing I made in my old notebook, today at the Chinese buffet after lunch:

ballpoint pen in notebook

it’s either the fourth or the fifth drawing I’ve made of Edison, a new character for the Kekionga stories.  This is a good likeness, and the definitive version of the classic Edison haircut: short back and sides, long on the top and parted in the middle.  There is a figure drawing in marker on the other side of the page.

And this is the last thing I wrote in the old notebook, later this afternoon, a little scrap of true life adventure/ found art.  Although I headed it “Liquor Store Dialog”, we actually call an establishment of this kind a “beer store” in everyday conversation.

  • Liquor Store Dialog
  • scene:  A man enters a liquor store, half carrying, half rolling a beer keg.  He approaches the counter where a woman is standing behind the register.
  • Woman: Is this a return or an exchange?
  • Man: Well, I’m returning this, but I want to buy another one.
  • Woman: That would be an exchange.

The new notebook is open now, but it only has my name and contact information in it, and is as yet an undiscovered country.

(all images ©2012 Pam Bliss)

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One Response to new notebook day

  1. Tom Cherry says:

    “An undiscovered country”- I like that!

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