tumbr sunday 9 (on monday)

Here, courtesy of tumblr, is the not so distant ancestor of one of my all time favorite objects, taken to bits:That’s a Pentax Spotmatic  35 mm SLR camera.  It was really the first K-body Pentax, differing from the K series only in having a screw style lens mount rather than the famous Pentax-K bayonet mount.  If you learned to shoot pictures with the Brick, the utterly wonderful Pentax K-1000 manual camera, this is pretty much what was going on inside while you were trying to balance f-stop and shutter speed while maintaining focus as that needle on the internal light meter swung up and down, up and down.  I still feel disloyal to my beloved Brick every time I take a quick grab shot with my digicam and comes out correctly exposed and impeccably focused almost every time.  Wasn’t it more fun when you had to work for it, and wait to see your pictures until you could afford to have them processed, or until you could get some darkroom time?  I was never any good in the darkroom, but I loved to help people who were.

I still have my Brick, and I’m sure I will take it out shooting again someday.  But then I look at the cost of a 72 exposure roll of film, and think of the 1000 shot capacity of the 8GB SDHC card ($20 up front, and almost infinitely reusable) in my Canon PowerShot, and it stays in the cupboard while the Canon goes into my pocket.  But if someone out there would make a digital back for a Pentax K-body (please!), the Brick would be right back on my shoulder again.

Because, yeah, my lens cap says “Asahi Pentax” just like the one in the photo, and a piece of my heart does too.

(image via tumblr)

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