best of the drawing of the day, week 22– snopac of adventure

September 8, 2012
Snopac of Adventure!
F Lamy fountain pen over pencil
©2012 Pam Bliss

This handsome adventurer in his fancy parka wouldn’t get far on his expeditions without his faithful snopac.  I’ll leave it up to you whether he is a real explorer, or only a charismatic guide working for a successful company specializing in “adventure travel”.

The snopac is common animal in many cold timelines in the Knotted Rope. It’s a large, omnivorous member of the dog family that fills some of the ecological niches filled in our timeline by bears.  Snopacs have been domesticated since early human history, and are frequently used as draft animals as well as guardians and pets.  Like all dogs, they are loyal and intelligent.  They do not thrive in hot climates.

The little creature sitting on his head is the man’s familiar; he normally rides in the hood of his master’s parka.

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