captured! photographs catch fall beginning

Somewhere along the way, among the new comics and the old comics and the packing and unpacking and all the things I’ve learned and the new ideas being scribbled down, the season started changing and I barely noticed.  That’s just not right– no artist should ever get so absorbed in art (and accompanying mundane details) that she forgets her first responsibility.  And that is to observe the world around her. Somehow the camera remembered this when I didn’t, and when I downloaded my images I foundthat hydrangeas had changed colors in Marylandand the first buckeyes had fallen in Indiana.

As a native Ohioan, I have an affectionate and proprietary interest in the buckeye tree a friend and neighbor planted three years ago with my enthusiastic encouragement.  It is the only buckeye in the neighborhood, and while it has a way to go to reach the general majesty of the one in my late great aunt’s garden back in Cleveland, it is already taller than I am, and as you see it is producing some large and handsome specimens in the second of what everyone here hopes will be many annual crops.  Those are some fine looking buckeyes, if I do say so myself.

They are supposed to be good luck, and I hope posting a picture of them on the web will spread some of that luck around.           (images ©2012 Pam Bliss)

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