tumblr sunday 11

These four characters, according to the notes I found with the image on tumblr, are the Dacre beasts, carved for Lord Thomas Dacre sometime between 1507 and 1525 CE and displayed in Naworth Castle.  They were repainted in the 19th Century after being damaged by fire.  They are each over 6 feet tall (not counting the banners) and are described as being carved from a single huge oak log.  I’m assuming that means four trees were used, but the oaks of Olde England were mighty indeed, so who knows?

My own rusty heraldry identified the beasts as a griffin (or a gryphon), a sheep, a pike and a bull, but the Victoria and Albert Museum website say they are a gryphon, a ram, a dolphin and a bull, and no one would argue with the V&A on such a point.

These guys are screaming to be made into characters for a comic, I think. The griffin is especially cool, with his lean and hungry look.  For more cool stuff I’m looking at, please visit my tumblr here.

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