the rope dragon story– part 2

A while back I told you the story of the rope dragons, and how I bought some new ones on the internet while still missing my first one, which had been my studio companion since my college days.  (Read the “about thai rope dragons” here.  There are pictures!)

I had no reason to expect that there would be another chapter to the the story. After all, I had two good rope dragons, the big green and purple one and the little black one, and they were by any objective aesthetic standards better dragons than my old one.  And anything that has been lost for more than four years almost certainly has been thrown away accidentally, right?  Things come and things go in this life, and it’s never particularly wise to invest too much loyalty in an object that can disappear so easily.

And then I opened a box that hadn’t been touched in about four years:and there he was.  He must have fallen in while I was packing.  (He is lucky he is an inanimate object.)  As you see, he’s no beauty even  for a rope dragon, and the cheap plastic he’s made up hasn’t held up perfectly over the 30 years I’ve had him. (I’m pretty sure that faded blue bit in his tail used to be bright purple.)  But his expression is just as cheerfully maniacal as ever,and his whiskers are just as wiggly, and he doesn’t seem to hold it against me that I shut him up in a box of old comics for four years by mistake.  Not all people, or even all objects, would be so forgiving.  And yes, if you are concerned, he seems to be getting along fine with the other dragons.  Since his hanging string broke long ago, he’s joined them on their perch on top of the old ink jet printer, where they can watch me work, and laugh obscurely at my struggles.

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