minicomics live 2: post 10 (more scribbles)

The next four pages, including the big reveal and the first appearance of the cowboy.  These layouts prove that you can’t put a page turn every place you might want one, even with the small pages of a mini.  In a hypothetical perfect world, you would have a page turn before the first sight of the moa and another one before the cowboy steps out of the hedge and one after page 9 to reveal page 10 where the cowboy saddles the moa and she comes to “life”.

As you see, I managed the first and the third but not the second.  Instead I tried to change the mood by putting the large figure of the cowboy in a tricked-out panel with a gimmick border.  The figure will also be light (inked with light linework and low detail) against a dark background of leaves, for a “pop”effect.  I hope this will add the sense of drama I lost when I couldn’t get the page turn to work. Don’t think of it as “settling”; think of it as embracing the structure of the medium.

Also, this page of breakdowns is kind of freaky– no paste up lines!  I got all four pages “right” the first time.  Weird.

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2 Responses to minicomics live 2: post 10 (more scribbles)

  1. Meg says:

    Am still kinda shocked that you choose some of my seeds. I like the ghost cowboy. I am still numbed that you didn’t choose the vegetable lamb of Tartary, though.

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