mincomics live 2: post 14 (page 1 pencils)

Finally.  Today has been the classic comedy of errors, and that is all I am going to say about it, but things are starting to happen.  This seemingly simply little cover was a bear to pencil, but I like the results.   I finally got Jack and Iowa’s heights right, and I like the way Iowa is standing.  The professor is looking particularly jaded and world weary– I have a feeling it has been a long adventure for him already and they haven’t even gotten to the good part.  He really prefers to pick a form and stay with it; changing back and forth isn’t painful for him, but it is tiring and sort of annoying.

I wasn’t aware when I started this drawing that Gideon even had a third overcoat beside his winter black cashmere and his lightweight gold/yellow canvas.  But yes, he has a full length caped duster with a corduroy collar and cuffs.  Of course he does.  I think I did a better job drawing his bare feet here than I usually do.

I have no idea if the moa image is going to stay or go.  (I penciled it, but I don’t have to ink it!)  If I do leave it in, it will only be as a vague suggestion, and it will look less like a big ol’ Muppet.   The trouble with pencil drawings like this, the kind that are support structures for ink drawings rather than finished art in their own right, is that the linework for a thin, delicate line looks almost the same as the one intended for a thick one, or a heavily articulated brush stroke.  I know what I plan to do, but it may not be coming across here.

Oh, and the next time I write a story about a cowboy, remind me how hard it is to draw a saddle!  And that’s a regular saddle.  The modified moa-riding version is even harder.

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