minicomics live 2: post 16 (page 3 pencils)

Here’s page 3.  If there’s one thing I love to draw it’s little figures like the ones at the bottom of panel 2.  It’s just so interesting to try to capture the essence of a character in a little image just two or three inches tall on the original.  When you consider that these pages are reduced to 50% of original size for print, it’s amazing that these figures can work at all, but when they do, they just look great.  It takes a solid hand with the inking (and a well maintained Lamy Safari pen with an M nib) to get them right, but that’s just borrowing trouble at this point.

This is the first appearance of the foliage panel borders the will be so important on page 6 (the skeleton reveal) and page 8 (the first appearance of the cowboy).  I guess that makes a triple, which is always nice.

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