minicomics live 2– post 19 (page 6 pencils)

Finally, page 6.  I’ve been resting a minor injury to my right wrist today, but it finally worked its way out enough by late this afternoon that I was able to do some drawing. And this was a tough one that would have taken a long time anyway.This is living proof, if you needed it, that I am not a scientific illustrator.  This is not a moa skeleton; it is a cartoon moa skeleton.  Or is it the skeleton of a cartoon moa?  Either way, it shows the simplified anatomy and the big feet/big head proportions of a cartoonified character– sort of like Jack standing next to him.  That’s one of the reasons he’s there.  A real moa’s head is tiny; I always figured the Moab’s would need to be slightly exaggerated to help him express emotions that a real moa probably never felt.

The other reason Jack is there is because so many of the moa skeleton pictures I found  on Google Image search included a human figure for scale, so many that the skeleton looked sort of naked standing there alone.  I do plan to tweak the emphasis in the inking.  The skeleton will be pretty much a pure white against a medium dark background of leaves, while all of Jack’s clothes will be shaded or black.  I may even hatch in his hands and part of his face (which I hardly ever do) so the only pure white on the figure is Jack’s forelock.  This will help make sure the splash page reads as a picture of a skeletal moa, with Jack, rather than one of Jack looking at a skeletal moa.

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