minicomics live 2– post 24 (page 11 pencils)

This is a page where I had to completely revise a large part of the original layout.  Go back and take a look at it, and ask yourself just what exactly I was thinking when I reversed the angle in panel one.  Moab has consistently faced your right in every single panel so far (and indeed for most of the rest of the comic).  Why in the world would I have turned her around for one panel for no good reason?

I honestly think I did it because I wanted to make sure the cowboy mounted from the left as Western riders always do– this was supposed to emphasize the normal or typical nature of his riding.   Where we come from, we ride moas, pardner, and don’t ya fergit it.  The obvious solution, to have him walk around Moab and mount from her far side, just didn’t occur to me.

Of course, that means he’s saddling her wrong on page 10.  Dammit.  That never occurred to me until right this second.  Iowa was actually doing it right, then he interrupted her and did it wrong.  I think I have some major revisions to make!  Thank whatever for pencils, and a chance to think before you ink.

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3 Responses to minicomics live 2– post 24 (page 11 pencils)

  1. Wolfie says:

    On the bad side… the 24-hour minicomic is becoming a 240-hour minicomic.
    On the great side, you’re doing some fantastic work. The pencils are the best I’ve ever seen you do, and I’ve seen you’ve do a lot. Don’t sweat the problems and adjustments- get ’em right, take your time, and this comic is gonna rock hard.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    I detect some teasing here. If I haven’t officially announced it, this project (when it is considered as an exercise in “fast” comics) is an utter failure. But if (as you so kindly suggest) “Moab” turns out to be a good comic, then that failure isn’t such a big deal. I still feel kinda bad about it though, and I may try again in November when I have another opportunity.

  3. Wolfie says:

    There’s nothing to feel bad about, and no teasing. No failure here, just a lesson. Moab is, in a nutshell, how the creative process works- the best-laid plans sometimes fall into place exactly as you envision, and sometimes they simply do not. Sometimes projects grind to a halt and sometimes they gallop so fast you can hardly keep up. Sometimes you see them clear on the first try and sometimes they mutate and change into something you never foresaw. It’s a land where the eight-page story can become a novel, where the prose piece becomes a comic script, where a sketch on a napkin becomes a beloved character and where a hundred pages of meticulous notes can be scrapped in a heartbeat. It rarely makes sense at the time, but in the end it always does.

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