minicomics live 2– post 25 (page 12 pencils)

You’ve noticed, I think, a gap between this post and the previous one.  If a page of comics never gives me more trouble than this one did, I will be a happy camper.

As you see, I ended up using a layout very similar to the one in the scribbles, but I added several lines of dialog.    There are things I like about the drawings here– the transformation, the little action sequence where Moab is chasing the Moondog– and things I don’t, like Iowa in the last panel.  I imagine I will keep the dialog in the first panel and lose the exchange between Jack and Iowa in the last panel.  Then I can use the freed space to make Iowa a little smaller put her behind Jack, thereby stretching the space.   The facial expressions of the trio should be enough to show their happiness at being in the sun, which will contrast nicely with the cowboy and Moab’s reactions.

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