minicomics live 2– post 27 (inking notes)

Thought of this note when I was revising page 12.  Parts of “Moab” take place in a hedge maze, right?  And some panels in that part of the story have either hedge leaf panel borders or (will have) full dark hedge leaf backgrounds to show that.  Page 6, the splash of the moa skeleton, has both.  But I obviously don’t want to do a full background for every panel– that would take forever to ink and would make the finished pages look grey and muddy.  Besides, Beck says that you only need a full background in one or two panels of a page to create a convincing illusion of reality, as long as all the events on the page take place in the same setting.  I’ve taken that advice to heart over the years and have found it works particularly well with a simple drawing style and the small pages of a minicomic.

That said, I still want leafiness in the maze sequence, to contrast with the tunnel and outdoor sequences on either side. So I’ve decided to put clusters of leaves in the corners of the defined panels in that sequence, and to decorate and separate the undefined panels with similar clumps of foliage.  Looking back at my penciled pages, you can see that I had already started to do that without knowing it was going to be part of a plan.  Maybe I will use suggestions of brick or stone in the same way in the tunnel sequence.

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