minicomics2– post 26 (page 12 revised)

I have three of the last four pages started, but of course that means that none of them are finished yet.  But here is the revised version of page 12.  As you see, I made the changes to the lower left corner of the page that I planned yesterday: removing the dialog between Jack and Iowa and moving Iowa behind Jack.  With the leaves around them and what is planned to be a dark background, the part of the image around them almost becomes a third panel.  My hope is the dark background will make the implied glare effect in what is now the fourth panel more distinct.  And of course the revisions make the size discrepancies that were bothering me so much in the first version into a feature rather than a bug.Oh, and I fixed the cowboy’s hat, too, and added his gun which I had left out in the first version.

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