minicomics live 2– post 28 (page 16 pencils)


If you are a writer, you know what I mean when I say that I have spent hours over the last two weeks agonizing over the two line exchange of dialog that is the reason for the single panel that closes the story of Moab.  Two lines.  They take 30 seconds to pencil, maybe a minute or two to ink, and hours and hours and hours to write.  Oh, and you’ll see that the results are very different from the version of the scene I wrote in the original script.I normally don’t do thought balloons, but every so often I feel that I come so close to capturing the Professor’s thoughts in the Moondog’s face that I’m justified in giving you the exact wording.

The major artistic problem on this page is Jack’s face– I know what he is thinking: he’s thinking about himself as the hero of the Island of Misfit Toys (which is as good a description of his general self image as any). But the first few shots I took at expressing this had him thinking about  how nice Iowa looks in those jeans, if you know what I mean.  Now, she does look nice, and he very sincerely appreciates that, and I am all in favor of him thinking about it.   But that isn’t what’s going on at this moment, and I hope I caught that.

Pages 13, 14, and 15 are all started, and should start coming off the boards fairly early tomorrow, which is a work day.

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