minicomics live 2–post 29 (page 15 pencils)

Finally, back to work on Moab.  The rest of the pencils should be posted tomorrow, but here is page 15 to tide you over.  The Professor, or more properly the Mighty Moondog, is at his snarky best here, managing to lift his eyebrow just as eloquently here as he does in his human form.  I’ve been watching my dire corgi pup carefully– since he is a tricolor, he has distinct eyebrows and is capable of a pretty decent eyebrow lift himself.  And I’ve noticed that he does this funny thing with his other ear when he lifts one side.  I tried adding that quirk to the Moondog in the fourth vertical panel, and I think it works pretty well.   I’m also getting the hang of Jack’s boots here,  which is good since I’ve written a whole story about them to draw later.

I did add a line or two for Iowa.  In the original script, I was deliberately trying to tone down the sentimentality.  But once I was drawing, I realized that that was a mistake.  I am wildly sentimental about the Island of Misfit Toys, and so is Iowa, and so are a lot of people who love the Rankin/Bass Rudolph story.  If you don’t watch Rudolph and really, really want Santa to bring you one of those toys so you can love it and give it a good home, then you aren’t sentimental at all and you probably won’t like any comic I make anyway.  So why tone it down?

I’m actually thinking of adding another line about Iowa’s other favorite Misfit Toy. Anybody know which one it is?  (And yes, I’m going to have to go back and change that “f” to a “ph”.)

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