minicomics live 2 — post 30 (page 13 pencils)

The scanner is not dead!  After being left strictly alone for about 18 hours and allowed to get completely cold, it seems to have reset itself.  Disaster averted, at least for now.Here’s page 13– one more left.  This one is pretty much as I set it out in the scribble layout.  The major change is that the cowboy has taken his hat off in the second panel, and that’s because he is so going to wave it in the cowboy salute panel on page 14.  Which I am going to need to redraw for the fourth time because that damn cowboy salute doesn’t work if he isn’t waving the hat.  This is the trouble with doing a layout ahead of time, even if it is just the barest scribble.  You get attached to it and just assume that all the choices you made when you drew it were the right ones.  On the other hand, if you make a flying change, that can make you go back and revise the layout of previous pages so the whole thing makes sense.

Oh, well.  If nothing else, its an argument in favor of penciling the whole story before you start to ink rather than finishing one page at a time.  I think the revised panel works here– there wasn’t really room for the hat in the first place, and I like a glimpse of the cowboy in the sunglasses and without the hat, looking like a modern action hero, or a modern actor caught out of costume.

I am going to redraw Moab in the second panel.  When I look at it with a fresh eye, her neck looks too short.  I’m going to stretch her out a bit and let her break the panel border on the right.

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