“ocelot trainers” (radio, radio)

This is my studio radio:I like a radio with an analog tuning knob, since I live a long way from the stations I like best and I have to be able to finesse the tuning as atmospheric conditions change.  That means when I change stations, I pass through occupied bandwidth, and I hear scraps of whatever programming is going on.  This morning I was moving from WBEZ to WXRT and I distinctly heard someone say “ocelot trainers”.  Or maybe it was “ocelot trainer”.  Are there a lot of untrained ocelots out there?  Or maybe ocelot trainers particularly entertaining interview subjects, with lots of amusing anecdotes about small wild cats?  I’ll never know.

(If you like listening to good old fashioned over the air radio, I can’t recommend the Tivoli Audio Model One table radio highly enough.  I actually have two of them, and the green and maple one in the studio at one end of the house and the walnut and beige one in the living room at the other end will fill the entire house with music or whatever I feel like listening to.  Tivoli also has a variety of other options using the same technology, including clock radios, internet radios, small stereos, iPod docks and so on, but nothing beats the real thing for simplicity and charm.)

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