the stub pen

If you’ve read the post “of scanners and stub pens”, you know I’ve been considering buying a fountain pen with a stub nib to add to my pile of experimental drawing tools.  Buying tools to experiment with can keep you up at night. You know that drawing with crummy tools is painful, and cheap tools will nickel and dime you to death over time. But good tools of any kind are expensive right up front, and tools like fountain pens, which are designed to last a lifetime, are particularly so.  It’s very hard to find somewhere to try them out, especially nowadays when the stationery and department stores that used to sell pens by the hundreds are all out of business.  You can buy pens from a number of excellent sources on the Internet, but you have to know what you want before you shop, or just jump in feet first.

Sometimes a kind and generous colleague gives you a chance to try a pen, which was how I discovered the Monteverde Invicia.  It would have been a safe bet to buy one with a standard F or M writing nib, but I’d been hearing more and more about stub nibs, so I took a flying leap.

Here’s the pen, open.  Note the short nib– that stub really is a stub.  Here’s a closeup:This seems like a well made nib,  smooth and solid with a slight flex.  The sweet spot is as advertised, big and soft.  While the Monteverde is a heavy pen, it fits naturally in the hand and moves quite easily.  I’ll build up some muscles drawing and especially lettering with it, that’s for sure.  Here’s a sample of freehand lettering with the stub, without pencil or guidelines on scrap paper.  And mind the hard-earned advice!(Edit: my apologies for all the stupid typos and generally weird sentences in the original version of this post.  I wrote it under stressful circumstances.  If you read it before I fixed it,  please be assured that I do know better.  Really.)

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