election day

If you live in the United States, today, November 6th, is Election Day.  Although this blog is not political, I will say this: please vote if you are eligible to do so.  If nothing else, you’ll be able to complain about your government with a clean conscience for another year.

My vote counted! November 6th, 2012

I voted at 9:50 this morning, and my vote was the 224th recorded at my precinct’s polls in the old computer lab at the elementary school.  Had my notebook with me, though I didn’t have any Great Ideas while waiting in line.  The white hairs, of course, are reminders of the corgis waiting for me down the street at home.

To all our readers outside the US, thanks for reading this so patiently, and I’m sure you are as eager as we are for this election to be over!

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1 Response to election day

  1. Thank you for voting. ☺ I have Permanent Vote-By-Mail status in California, so I mailed in my ballot three weeks ago.

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