hopelessly lost, but making good time this week

For the rest of the week, until Sunday’s return of the “classic” minicomics live, I’ll be working hard on updating the Hopelessly Lost, But Making Good Time archive blog here.

If you’re not familiar with Hopelessly Lost …, it’s an ongoing monthly essay series about making your own comics.  I’ve been writing it for more than ten years, and this summer I started collecting my backfiles into an easily accessible archive, complete with a tag cloud index.   The topics range from nuts and bolts practical advice to more philosophical considerations of storytelling itself to the occasional personal reflection. If you enjoy reading the comics related posts here on “a cartoonist in Kekionga”, you will like these essays.

Today’s updates include discussions of what our culture expects from comics and dealing with post-project letdown, and the entire four essay series about worldbuilding.  Learn to design your own universe over on the archive blog. There’s a new photo header, too.

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