minicomics live starts sunday!

It’s that time again.  After the strange results from my second attempt at liveblogging a minicomic (click on the minicomics live 2 category in the sidebar to follow the ongoing saga of the making of Moab), I have decided to try again.  Starting this Sunday, November 11th, at about noon, I will be starting a third live minicomic marathon.  This will be the last minicomics live for this year.

The rules are the same as before: I will make an entire 8 page minicomic, from idea to script to pencils to inks, in however long it takes, and I will post every step of the way live as it happens right here on this blog.  The first attempt took me about 18 hours, spread over two days.

If you want some input into what kind of story I make, all readers are cordially invited to submit story seeds for me to choose from.  To play, put a character (a talking dog) an object (an empty soda can) and a setting (a parking garage) into an email and send it to  Be sure to put “story seed” in the subject line so I don’t open it early by mistake.  Send as many seeds as you like; there’s no limit, and I like to have lots of options.  On Sunday, I will open all the emails and pick and choose from your suggestions to find a seed for my story.  Watch to see what happens next.  Can I do it again?

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2 Responses to minicomics live starts sunday!

  1. Wolfie says:

    Make a strict rule this time- any story you write MUST fit into 8 pages. Not to say you can’t scribble down longer ideas like Moab if they come, but force yourself to keep to the 8-page promise. Let it be a challenge to you…

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    The one we call Wolfie is right on the nail here. I am going to make this new rule and I am going to follow it.

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