minicomics live 3– post 8 (page 2 pencils)

Here’s page 2.  Artistically, it’s really a matter of starting to establish the characters and their relationship to each other.  There’s a big difference between drawing Bud and Josef, who are members of the core cast that I’ve drawn many hundreds of times, and drawing the naga, who is completely new and who I’ve drawn a grand total of once before I started this page. (That’s not counting the little bird’s eye figure on the cover.)  I’m liking his narrow face and long nose, and then the big slitted eyes and the thick neck that mark him as a snake.  His shoulders are never going to be quite right, since I’ve never figured out exactly how a character with two pairs of arms is articulated.  Maybe someday I will (especially if I end up with serious continuing naga characters), but for now, I’ll just count on cartoonyness and a baggy polo shirt to cover up any potential problems.  As long as his hands are always doing interesting things, it shouldn’t matter too much.

I don’t know how I missed his little soul patch beard in the original design, or the apron that is the universal uniform of the barista.

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