minicomics live 3– post 9 (page 3 pencils)

Now things are really starting to get moving.  Some may be disappointed in the trophy, but don’t worry– I plan to add more stuff to it as the story moves along and I see how it fits into all the panels.  This is only its basic shape and a few of the details.  Once I am sure I have a design that won’t overwhelm the rest of what’s going on, I’ll go back and fancy it up in the earlier panels.  At first I was terribly worried about getting it to be straight, look right in perspective and so on, but now I am pretty sure that it’s going to be so tacky and horrible no one will want to look at it too closely, and if it ends up being a little twisted looking it will only add to the effect.  I planned it that way.  That’s right.  (And the pillar under the cup part is going to look exactly like Josef’s fizzy glass.)

I’m really enjoying drawing Bud dressed as a train conductor for some reason.  The hat is particularly fun with it’s non cylindrical shape.  I’d always assumed that the crown of a train conductor’s hat was cylindrical, but it’s not– it nips in a bit at the center.  If you draw it as a slice of a cylinder it becomes a kepi and Bud ends up looking like a French policeman.  Not that he wouldn’t do a perfectly good job as a French policeman, but that would be a different comic.

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