minicomics live– post 7 (page 1 pencils)

I did get a little bit of a late start today, but most of the reason this first page is appearing well after noon is that it took a really, really long time to pencil.  It looks simple, but it was ridiculously difficult to draw, particularly for someone like me who hates straight lines and square corners. The plan to make it look like a sociologist’s notes just looked thin and boring, so I also had to do some quick research into the ways “real” designers draw things like tables and chairs and restaurant layouts.  It ended up looking even more like a proper floor plan than I had originally imagined, so I went with that idea and added an eccentric version of a proper architect’s title box in the lower left– this is a really exciting way to add a little bit of exposition in context and I think I’ll be using it again.  To punch up the effect, I plan to letter that section in a pastiche of a draftsman’s lettering, while the title will appear in my usual rugged but cheerful style. I’m putting enough work into this setting that I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing it again, too.

There is some Knotted Rope canon being set here, establishing a Fort Union address defined by a street corner and a City version of a zip code, which is called something like a location code except snappier.  You read this one “southwest delta eight clockwise”.

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