minicomics live 3- post 13 (page 6 pencils)

Yowza! It’s page 6.  Doesn’t look very impressive, does it?  Just a page of minicomics pencils, somewhat oddly designed with large figures in an open panel on the top, and smaller ones below.  It’s certainly not the most elegant page ever designed, but I’ve been composing and recomposing it for three or four days and this works (more or less) so here it is.  Consider it an example of a great proverb in action; in this case “a good plan executed today is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

What I was so worried about was not doing one more page of talking heads.  This is hard to avoid in any comic that consists mostly of indoor conversation.  Outdoor conversation is in some ways easier to handle.  The characters stand up, walk around, climb up on objects, swing on tire swings and so on while they talk.  But when people go inside, they usually sit down and then there’s a limited range of things they can do with their hands and faces before they start looking obvious about it.  Some cartoonists solve this problem by having lots of fights and chases and general action in their comics, but since I’m mostly interested in friendship and the search for knowledge (thematically) and in writing dialog and figure drawing (artistically) that whole option doesn’t work for me as a general thing.  I try to move out of doors as much as possible, but this one seemed to work best as the simple story of someone’s coffee break, set in the most obvious setting.  Maybe it’s funny that in a story about perpetual motion the characters pretty much stay in one place?  (Except Josef, of course.  Josef can always be counted on to do something, even if it’s just jumping around and vocalizing.)

Anyway, all of these tendencies were pulling away from my natural desire to show off the design of my new naga character.  I really wanted to show him full length at least once, and I realized early that my one real chance was in the last panel on this page.  That meant I had to pull back, which was hard to make work in the space available.  I really wanted to include Bud’s junkyard speech and not cut it too far, since it’s the thing that fits this Other Place story into the Kekionga canon, where Bud owns a junkyard, so eliminating panel 2 was not an option.  So it’s no perfect, but I like the way the figures turned out.

If you have a good monitor, you may be able to see the raw material for a note I may insert here.  It’s one of the little bits of world building that emerge during the drawing process, in this case a naga shirt size.  Fitting a naga for a shirt is not an easy process, but it has to be done if you want your employees to look consistent in their uniforms.  Our barista wears a Men’s N4 (naga four, for the number of arms) ML (medium long, the first for his chest and neck dimensions, the second for the length of his “torso” in relationship to the beginning of his “tail”).  This is typical of the problems faced by a small business owner in the Other Place.

And yes, I know there is a big blank spot behind Bud.  I plan to hang a big poster on the wall there.  Anybody have any ideas what it should be?

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1 Response to minicomics live 3- post 13 (page 6 pencils)

  1. Wolfie says:

    Ten poster ideas in your inbox. Hope they help!

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