minicomics live 3– post 14 (page 8 pencils)

First of all, sorry for the delay.  I actually finished penciling this last panel very soon after the post about page 6 went up.  This post has been delayed due to minor technical difficulties, so just pretend this is still Saturday.  (Expect the usual tumblr Sunday post later this evening.  The best of the drawing of the day, delayed this past week, will double up on Thursday in celebration of Thanksgiving Day in the US.)

Anyway, here’s page 8, and let it be a lesson to you.See the lesson?  I don’t know how many pages of minicomics I’ve drawn at this particular image size.  (It’s a 6 1/2 x 9 image area on a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, reduce 50% to a mini page– works great if you like to break the panel borders, and your originals will fit on any scanner and store in standard file storage.)  I settled on this size many years ago and I’ve finished many hundreds of pages, each of them laid out exactly the same way.

And I still can’t measure them worth a red hot darn!  I scanned this page three times and blamed the scanner every time the panel borders weren’t square to edges of the paper.  When it kept happening, I started to suspect it wasn’t the scanner. (This took longer than it should, since the scanner is my personal bete noir.  I blame it for everything and I’m usually justified.)  I finally took the page to the drawing board and remeasured it, and the top of the image area was a sixteenth of an inch off square.  The bottom edge and the line defining the bottom of the square panel were each a full one eighth of an inch off.   An eighth of an inch.  That’s the bloody universe in these dimensions.  If you look at the scan, you’ll see that I fixed the upper line and the one at the bottom of the panel, but I left the old lines in so you can see the error clearly.  The bottom edge line is as originally drawn, so far off square the dogs are laughing.  What a maroon.  You’d think I’d never made a comic before in my life.  On the good side, I do sort of like the drawing.

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