minicomics live 3– post 15 (the thing about inking)

The thing about inking, the way I do it at least, is that it takes a while to see results.   I don’t ink one page and go on with the next.  I work on several pages at once, doing one step on each, then setting that page aside to dry while a work on the others.  This has one huge advantage– it dramatically minimizes the chances that I will drag my finger, the side of my hand, my shirt sleeve, an eraser, a ruler, a triangle, or just about any other random object in the studio (or indeed from anywhere else in the house) through a wet line and mess everything up. I would put my ability in this area up against anyone else’s in the entire world.  The only way I can have half a chance at not dragging up my pages is to let them dry thoroughly several times during the process.

It also helps reduce the transitions between tools.  I’m a tool freak and this is the time when I envy those cartoonists who ink everything with one all purpose tool like a small brush or a crowquill pen as I move from lettering pens to brush to medium nibbed fountain pens to the EF ones I use for detailing.  (I’m not complaining– I like the way the art looks when I get everything mostly right, and it’s a lot less awkward to do than it is to describe.) So I do all the lettering first, then go on to the brushwork, and so on.

I’m partway through this process now, so I think I will pick one page that only has one step done and scan it each step the way to show how it works.  Stand by tomorrow– in the afternoon if I can get in to see the dentist in the morning, in the morning if I can’t.

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3 Responses to minicomics live 3– post 15 (the thing about inking)

  1. Meg says:

    Oh no! Why the dentist? Eeeks.

  2. Wolfie says:

    Yes… I hope we’re not about to get the “Molar Rant” or anything. Not that it wouldn’t be interesting, I just hope it’s nothing painful or serious. Just a checkup, just a cleaning, I hope?

  3. Pam Bliss says:

    Thanks for the concern, all. I do indeed have a potential “molar rant” (first molar, upper left, to be exact, what’s left of it), but I’ll spare the larger audience the gory details, interesting though they may be if you dig that kind of thing. Let’s just say I’ll be very careful what I eat for the next couple of weeks until my new crown is ready. (This is also why you got a movie review today.)

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