tumblr sunday: the osage orange

The last of the Osage oranges are falling and getting run over by cars: a sad fate for a wonderful giant fruit that probably evolved to be food for mammoths and mastodons in our own Midwestern Pleistocene.  The Osage orange is a real survivor.  There are two Osage orange trees around the corner from the house, and they produced a mighty crop this year. I photographed them several times over the season, though I think they’re at their best late, when the vivid yellow green fruit contrasts dramatically with the golden yellow of the leaves.

But what is one of my own neighborhood nature photographs doing here on tumblr Sunday?  I finally decided this week that since I’ve taken so much from tumblr and enjoyed it so much over the last couple of years, I ought to give something back and provide some original content to the tumblrverse.  So I started an actual whole live photo blog.  It’s called The Osage Orange in honor of this favorite plant, and you are cordially invited to visit it here.  I’ve seeded it with a dozen or so pictures to start, and I plan to queue it to update regularly.   Please follow The Osage Orange if you like weird little photos on your tumblr dashboard, or share the images or use them to make icons or whatever you like.  All I ask is that you please keep my credit intact.

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