today i drew an aminal

Went to lunch and out shopping today with a friend and her two small kids.  This week, apparently, said kids are going everywhere accompanied by an Elmo lunchbox full of assorted crayons.  Seriously, the older one was one step away from demanding to have it handcuffed to his wrist like a high security courier with a Zero Halliburton briefcase full of secret documents.  Drawing tools came out and paper was spread across the table before lunch was half over.  This is old hat to me, of course; I’ve eaten plenty of meals with adult colleagues that have followed much the same pattern.  Crayons are not my usual medium to say the least, but I was able to produce this second-color effort, which I was reliably informed is an aminal:

brown and purple “toddler crayon” on lightweight drawing paper from Target
November 27, 2012

These “toddler crayons” are actually not too bad to draw with.  They’re softer than standard crayons, and triangular in cross section, presumably to keep them from rolling off of tables.  This is a design decision that might be considered by manufacturers of adult art supplies.  Those of us who work on tilted drawing surfaces might appreciate a pen or pencil that doesn’t roll down the board and onto the floor unless we chock it with an eraser or a hunk of tape.

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